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How Important is CPU for Gaming

Building a gaming computer takes some planning if you want to have a balanced unit that’s within your budget. It’s like building a MMORPG character where you have a limited number of points to allocate to traits. You distribute the points equally to create a balanced character that can handle any task and to survive the […]

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How Long Does a Gaming PC Last ?

Someone asked me this question a few moons ago. It’s a loaded question which can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Being the genius that I am, I forgot to ask for clarifications which would have qualified the question. How long does a gaming PC last …. before it breaks down? ….if owned by an […]

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How to Use Anti Static Wrist Straps

Anti static wrist wraps are not your everyday computer building tool. It does not come packaged with a motherboard or a computer case. I tried buying one from computer stores, they either don’t know what it is or they are not selling it. I first saw an actual anti static wrist wrap when I was setting […]

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