One more coat

Jason is home from work today, waiting for the month-overdue delivery of our dining room furniture (the table has a leaf so it actually seats six) and a second dresser for our bedroom. We started painting the dining room two weeks or so ago, lost a bit of steam in the middle of the first coat of paint (the primer wore us out), and then attacked it again this weekend. At the very least, the walls behind the china cabinet will be finished. One more coat and everything will be perfecto. It's a dark blue, with an eggshell finish, and it looks fabulous. Although it looked less fabulous after the first coat, with lots of streaks and light spots. We went out to dinner while it was still light out and didn't realize we left the dining room light on. So as we came back from dinner and turned onto the street into our neighborhood, we could see a bright blue room staring at us from several blocks away (we had taken the blinds down to avoid ruining them, since I lack roller control). Our neighbors were moving in and had friends over, and I'm sure they all thought we were crazy.

We're making progress in other rooms as well - there's a console table in an upstairs hallway, shelves in my office, an etagerie in the powder room, and a nice new coffee table in the family room. The loft is a bit of a disaster area since Jason dumped out our gigantic bags of miscellaneous cables to look for something, but eventually we'll have built-in cabinets and shelves up there to make it respectable. I think we've opened the door to the guest bedroom twice since we moved; I found the screws for the daybed and then promptly lost them again, so it's leaning against a wall in pieces. And the living room is empty except for Jason's piano and a few boxes left to unpack. We've still got a bunch of junk in the garage, but it's all odds and ends we haven't had a change to go through yet.

I've been posting pictures on Flickr of our progress and various purchases. One of these days I'll add them to the house website.

There are also cat pictures, Mom. Don't say I never did anything for you. :)